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college counseling
~ Student of Walt Whitman High School ‘24

Working with Kim Heffernan was the best decision for my college application process! I started working with her the summer before my junior year, and she was extremely helpful in all aspects of the college process. She helped me figure out a number of decisions: whether to take the SAT or ACT, determine what classes would be good for me to take that display my interests, compile a list of colleges to research and visit, and select a final list of schools to apply to, to name a few.

Kim was responsive and set guidelines for me to follow so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed with all the applications. Compared to most of my friends, I was significantly less stressed and felt like the college application process was smooth sailing. I could email Kim with any questions I had, and she was always willing to hop on the phone to help me, too! I trusted Kim so much during this process, and I always felt like she really listened to me, got to know me, and cared so much about me, what I wanted, and what was important to me. She is phenomenal, and I’m so lucky and glad I got the chance to work with her!

Kim is the best, and I highly recommend working with her!

This was our third and youngest child going through the college application process. It was our first time working with Kim Heffernan and Moxie. We were very impressed with the attention she gave to our son and her professionalism throughout. He was very comfortable working with Kim, and to us, that was one of the most important things in working with a college counselor.

college counseling
~ Parent of Winston Churchill High School Student ‘24
college counseling
~ Parents of School Without Walls Student ‘24

We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Kim Heffernan and the Moxie team—and not merely because our daughter ended up with fantastic results.

Kim has a great balance of the personal and the professional. She built rapport quickly and easily with both parents and student, and was never formulaic or dogmatic about how the process should or would go. Rather, she was kind and candid, helping our daughter to select classes, think about extracurricular priorities, and navigate the many tough choices inherent in the application process. Kim shared insight and opinions at every turn, but never sought to “make decisions” for anyone else. She answered questions promptly and thoroughly. When we hit the inevitable speedbumps, she empathized genuinely and helpfully. All the while, however, she remained focused on the nuts and bolts of the process—the deadlines and “to do” list, etc.—and her experience, knowledge, and organization were reassuring for our “Type A” kid and her “pulled in many directions” parents.

We have no doubt that the college review and application process would have been much more stressful for our daughter and for us, and that we would have been “flying blind” in many areas we could not have anticipated in advance, without Kim’s experience, expertise, and steady presence. We recommend her emphatically and without reservation.

Thanks to Henry Mulzac, my son was fully prepared for his admission interviews for private high schools. We were able to observe one of the interviews, and our son was doing most of the talking and had the interviewer fully engaged. Because of the preparation, no questions were a surprise. He was accepted at both schools that conducted interviews. Henry has a very lovely and welcoming manner that makes it easy for young people to work with him.

college counseling
~ Parent of Blessed Sacrament School Student, 2023-24 Admissions Cycle
college counseling
~ Parent of Winston Churchill High School Student ‘24

As parents of a high school student with ADHD, we were dreading the college application process. Kim Heffernan and her team at Moxie made it straightforward. Kim broke it down into easily attainable steps. She worked directly with our son and provided us with updates after each milestone. Our son’s college applications were all submitted early in the Fall, and he was subsequently able to have a great senior year. He truly enjoyed working with Kim and the other professionals at Moxie. Thank you, Kim and Moxie!

Working with Moxie and Kim Heffernan was a game-changer. Their personalized approach, deep expertise, and unwavering support ensured [our daughter] showcased her best self in every application. Thanks to their guidance, she gained acceptance to her dream schools and received very generous scholarships. We’re immensely grateful and highly recommend their services to any family navigating the college admissions journey.

college counseling
~ Parents of Reservoir High School Student ‘24
college counseling
~ -Parent of Landon School Student ‘24

What a year! It’s amazing and hard to believe, but our son’s admissions outcome still hasn’t sunk in yet. His hard work and patience definitely paid off to get into his top choice. Our son couldn’t have done it without the help of Moxie College Counseling’s help and guidance over the years. While the process can sometimes feel unbearable, our son has grown in so many ways because of it, in part because of your one-on-one work with him; I can’t imagine going through it without your help. Thank you!!!

Henry Mulzac advised our family during the application process for private elementary school. Henry’s deep admissions experience in the DC area gave us strong insight into what admissions professionals are seeking in a given application and helped us zero-in on which schools would best fit our goals and needs for our children’s educational journey.

His application support services were where Henry proved to be the most invaluable – pushing us to craft the most compelling and persuasive answers to the parent questionnaires as well as pinpointing specific changes that drastically improved the quality of our applications.  We were also appreciative of suggestions he made that gave our family small and easy ways to help our children’s applications stand out.

Overall, it was very reassuring to work with Henry, and we are grateful to have had him as a resource in this process.

college counseling
~ -Parents of Langley School Student, 2023-24 Admissions Cycle
college counseling
~ Parents of William H. Hall High School Student ‘24

We are so grateful to Moxie and Jeff Knox for the invaluable guidance we received in our son’s college application process. Applying to colleges, especially more selective schools, has become an anxiety producing journey given the huge number of applicants and incredibly low admission rates. Thus, understanding the process, what schools are looking for, and honestly positioning your child to present themselves authentically and in the best way is essential – the expertise that Moxie offers.

Jeff has a calming influence and great sense of humor. He gets it, and his advice resonated so well with our son, not just for his college application, but for life in general. His resume specialist, Elizabeth Smith, helped create a unified and appealing document. Andrew Borneman, [his college essay specialist] and an English teacher, was an invaluable guide in helping [our son] express himself in the myriad essays. [Andrew] made [him] a better writer.

Most importantly, the process remained about our son and not his parents. Most Zoom calls were with [our son] alone, which is how it should be. We were all so happy when he received early admission to his first-choice school, but having said that, we were all prepared for any outcome. We highly recommend Moxie without any reservations.

Henry Mulzac has been invaluable in our high school search. Like many parents, we started the high school application process without much experience and quickly figured out we were behind the eight-ball.

After several family meetings, Henry quickly assessed the situation and helped us prioritize schools and develop a plan to complete all the applications and testing. He helped our son prep for interviews and helped guide his essay development. We got into a great school in Maryland and are grateful for Henry’s help.”

college counseling
~ DCPS Parents, 2022-23 Admissions Cycle
college counseling
~ Student of Washington-Liberty High School ‘24

Ian Lekus and the team at moxie were beyond helpful throughout my college process. I’m the oldest child so my family and I really went into the whole thing blind. He gave us so much piece of mind and I can’t imagine how stressful it would have been without his help. I have no regrets in my college decision and I’m optimistic in what the next 4 years hold, and I don’t think I’d been able to do it without his extensive knowledge and support. My parents are definitely using him for my brother in 2 years!”

“What we valued most about Jeff Knox was that he met each of our boys where they were, worked with them in very different ways to help guide them through high school course selection, extracurriculars and summer opportunities as well as the college application process. They applied to college in very different environments relative to COVID and had very different goals, personalities and college preferences.

Jeff treated them as individuals without value judgment on those differences and guided them each through the ups and downs of the process to the perfect respective schools. We are so appreciative of his time, energy, effort, understanding, and expertise.

college counseling
~ Parent of Landon School Students ‘22 and ‘24
college counseling
~ Parents of New England Independent School Student ‘24

“As parents of an independent school senior, we were really happy to work with Jeff Knox and his team. Jeff understands the independent school environment and helped us navigate the process extremely well. He also had a style that matched that of our daughter; he was approachable and kind and, at the same time, had a way of fostering accountability.

Not an easy balance to strike!

And, with us parents, Jeff was a helpful sounding board throughout the entire process – someone who is up-to-date and very knowledgeable about this ever-shifting admissions landscape. In the end, our daughter got in early to her dream school! We feel fortunate about the outcome and also happy about the process and the way that our daughter was able to lead and bring her full self to the work.

We are very grateful for the terrific support we received from Jeff and the Moxie Team.”

“Thank you so much, with Elizabeth Smith’s help, my resume looks amazing! The formatting is perfect and looks incredibly professional. I learned a lot about resume development and really enjoyed working with you. I’m super excited to see where this takes me regarding my college admissions process.”

college counseling
~ Student of Walt Whitman High School ‘24
college counseling
~ Parent of Homestead High School Student ‘23

“We first called Jeff because he came highly recommended by a friend on the East Coast who had great experiences with him for her kids. We immediately liked him and thought that his style would be a good fit for our son. Our only concern was that being from California it would be difficult for Moxie to understand the special circumstances of a Bay Area-student, but Jeff quickly put those concerns to rest.

While not an easy process, Jeff helped our son get through it with as little pain as possible. He also did an amazing job helping us understand our role as parents and what would be beneficial (or not) during the process. When our son was rejected from his early decision “dream” school, he helped us understand the reasons and move on to submit many strong applications in the days to come.

Our son was accepted at many great institutions but waitlisted at the school he had come to love most. Jeff helped him handle the delicate dance of assuring the school that he was still very interested and motivated to attend without coming across too strong. Two days after decision day our son received a call from admissions at the school that waitlisted him. His screams and celebration when he hung up the phone as a an admitted student were worth all of the stress of the past year. We really could not have done it without Jeff and hope that he will consider helping our youngest navigate the process in two years.”

“Working with James Barringer to develop my ideas and essays to their fullest potential was a blast. He is kind, patient, detail-oriented, and the perfect partner to bring the best out of my writing. Jeff, James, and the whole team at Moxie guide you through every step of the process, providing invaluable experience and insights while bringing joy to an often joyless process.”

college counseling
~ Student of Churchill High School ’23
college counseling
~ Parents of Walter Johnson High School Student ‘23

“Our son learned from you and the application process the value of self-exploration and the importance of deciding how he spends his time. That’s something he will need to continue practicing through his life. We are also very thankful for your excellent guidance. You are a master of establishing trust and communicating so effectively with teens, and we as parents tremendously benefited from your insights.”

Henry Mulzac was invaluable. He ensured our kids researched the schools they were interested in and helped them think critically about what they wanted from high school. That exercise helped them focus their search and ensured they were prepared, authentic, and thoughtful in their interviews. He also helped keep our kids on track with the application process, which made the year much less stressful for our entire family. Finally, because Henry has direct experience as an admissions officer, he was able to help guide us as parents as we interacted with the schools, ensuring we did not inadvertently sabotage our kids’ prospects by being overly neurotic.”

college counseling
~ DCPS Parents, 2022-23 Admissions Cycle
college counseling
~ Student of Homestead High School ’23

“Throughout the college application process, doubt and anxiety can run through one’s mind. Not only have Jeff and the team at Moxie been instrumental in helping me find and gain acceptance to the perfect school for me, but they have removed much of the stress from the process and highlighted what really matters in finding a school: not rank or perceived prestige, but a place where you know you will feel at home and a place where you can thrive. I am incredibly grateful to the Moxie team for their dedication and unrelenting support, and I wholeheartedly recommend Moxie to anyone starting their college journey.”

“Working with Moxie immensely transformed my college search and application process. Kim Heffernan’s guidance was honestly what got me through this past fall; I went from an overly stressed student to a relaxed, prepared applicant. Kim helped me plan out when I would complete each part of my application, and without her organization, I’m not sure if I would’ve finished everything on time! The routine check-ins, through Zoom or email, kept me on the right track and eventually saved me from drowning in work at the beginning of January. Overall, her support and expertise made this experience significantly better than I ever could’ve imagined. I’ll never forget how sweet and genuinely excited the message she sent me was when I got into one of my top choices. Thank you, Kim!”

college counseling
~ Potomac School Student ‘23
college counseling
~ Parent of Yorktown High School Student ’23

“Want to thank you and the team. [Our son] was accepted to every school where he competed his application including a special opportunity [to study in Ireland for his first semester]. Until he met with you and the team, he didn’t believe he would be accepted based on the intense competition in our area. It was working with your team that he built excitement and inspiration. We are thrilled that he had choices based on great coaching.”

“Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help us over the last couple years. It really has been that long, which is nuts. I’m humbled that [our son] gets to go to such a great school. We are very lucky to have benefitted from your experience and knowledge. I have no doubt he is at [his first choice college] because of the Moxie team, especially Jonny Malks!”

college counseling
~ Parent of Jackson-Reed High School Student ’23
college counseling
~ DCPS Parents (2022-23 Admissions Cycle)

Henry Mulzac has been invaluable in our high school search. Like many parents, we started the high school application process without much experience and quickly figured out we were behind the eight-ball. After several family meetings, Henry quickly assessed the situation and helped us prioritize schools and develop a plan to complete all the applications and testing. He helped our son prep for interviews and helped guide his essay development. We got into a great school in Maryland and are grateful for Henry’s help.”

Henry Mulzac was a great resource for applying to private school. He knows the admissions process inside and out since he has sat on both sides of the table. He provided excellent answers to our questions, making us feel as comfortable as we could going through the process. Henry also did a wonderful job preparing our child for the interview.”

college counseling
~ Fairfax County Parents (2022-23 Admissions Cycle)
college counseling
~ Parents of Bethesda, MD and Needham, MA high school students (’18, ’21, & ’23)

“If you are seeking a college consultant, Jeff Knox is extraordinary. He has worked with all three of our children in the college application process, across a five-year period. He helped each of our children – different in temperament, interests, strengths, and goals for college – obtain admission to one or more of their top schools. Jeff’s unique expertise in the college consulting area, coupled with his extremely high emotional intelligence, including his ability to get to know and understand each one of our children in depth, has made each of our three experiences excellent ones. Moreover, Jeff’s responsiveness, good humor, direct approach, and his ability to motivate (especially in the times of high stress) were noteworthy and added to the extremely positive experiences we had!”

“One of the best referrals I have received in a long time was the referral to Moxie College Counseling and Jeff Knox. Figuring out where to apply and the admissions process can be overwhelming. Jeff was there with us throughout the journey. He helped connect us with a great tutoring company that helped raise my daughter’s ACT score. Jeff helped my daughter think through what was important to her and the factors to determine which colleges to apply to. Jeff gave us honest and helpful feedback on what schools were a healthy reach and which were probably just a long shot. We identified working with him 8 great colleges she has applied to.

Jeff set up a project plan for our daughter and managed her through it while also keeping my husband and me involved, answering all our questions. He also helped my daughter fine tune her essay themes and gave her feedback after she wrote them. He also helped keep my daughter’s enthusiasm up and build her excitement for her next phase of the life journey. Jeff’s support has been amazing and such an asset to our family. Thanks again for everything you have done to make this process more exciting, less stressful and help achieve great outcomes as we hoped!”

college counseling
~ Parent of James Madison High School Student ’23
college counseling
~ Jackson-Reed High School Student ‘22

“The help Moxie provided me was critical throughout my college process. Jeff Knox kept me organized and made sure I was aware of every single requirement and when I needed to complete it. He and his team provided me with constant and incredible support on each of my essays and made themselves available to me as much as I needed.

I cycled through four different school guidance counselors my senior year, making Jeff’s personalized support that much more integral to me. Finally, Jeff helped instill the confidence I needed in myself and showed me time and time again he truly cared about me and my aspirations.

I cannot overstate how important Moxie was in helping me get to my future home.”

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped [our son] and us with throughout this journey. Given this extremely difficult application year, [his] challenges and his goals, none of this would have been possible without your guidance, knowledge, wisdom, pep talk, and more.

We have learned so much from you and are truly grateful. You are doing great work for the younger generation and we can’t thank you enough.”

college counseling
~ Parent of a Walt Whitman High School Student ‘22
college counseling
~ Fairfax County Public Schools Student ‘22

“Working with Moxie helped me navigate the crazy world of college applications, and I am so grateful for all the time and energy they put into supporting me through this crazy process!”

“Any young person who has the good fortune and privilege to work with you will thank their lucky stars – and grow in the process. All good luck and thank you for all that you did to guide our son.”

college counseling
~ Parent of Fusion Academy Student ‘22
college counseling
~ Parent of DC Area Public School ‘22

“Any family that is lucky enough to work with you as their child begins the journey of applying to college will immediately be grateful. Your ability to embrace each child and help them to map out own unique journey is an invaluable gift.”

“I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me college-related and life-related. It made me so grateful and touched to see how much you really cared about me instead of just doing the bare minimum. It was so heartwarming that you called me when I got into Northwestern and all of the nice things you said about me.

I honestly do not think I could’ve done this process without you. Thank you again and I hope that you are ready to handle my sister who already wants to talk to you as a freshman in high school.”

college counseling
~ Walt Whitman High School Student ‘22
college counseling
~ Parent of Wilson High School ‘22

“Engaging Jeff Knox was one of the best decisions we made in the college admissions process. He helped strengthen our daughter’s Common Application in ways we would have never considered, recommending additional submissions to give the schools a better feel for her potential, both academically and personally.

When her application to her top-ranked school was deferred to the regular cycle, Jeff was reassuring and warm, and immediately provided us with a thoughtful and effective plan for the next steps. Thanks to his counsel (and our daughter’s redoubled efforts), she was admitted to her first choice.”

“We are thrilled, and we so appreciate all the help you gave him and us. You really did a fantastic job every step of the way and were so supportive of both him and us. You made the whole process easy, and we have no doubt your involvement helped lead to this outcome. Thank you so very much.”

college counseling
~ Parent of DC Area Independent School Student ‘22
college counseling

~ Parent of Students at McLean School of Maryland,
School Without Walls, Edmund Burke School, and Sidwell Friends School (’20-’22)

“My four children have worked with Jeff Knox for several years now, and we simply all love him. He has made a difference in the kids’ and the parents’ life alike. Jeff has a contagious positive attitude to school decision-making and planning, a gift for his ability to understand all individual needs and finding appropriate viable solutions and answers.”

Jeff Knox is a gem, and we could not imagine going through the college application process without his guidance and support.

Jeff helped both our sons and us parents think about the entire arc of upper school so that experiences and class work built upon each other. Jeff takes students very seriously while being extremely approachable, positive, creative, and excited about the college application process.

Moxie breaks down the many steps of the college application process to make it less overwhelming, helping alleviate a lot of the pressure that comes with multiple months, steps, and expectations. Moxie provides guidance in course selection, developing close relationships with teachers, attaining good letters of recommendation, testing preparation and schedules, as well essay writing. Jeff was fantastic in brainstorming interesting and relevant summer experiences, programs, and opportunities.

Jeff creates connections with parents but also close and trusting relationships with students. He brilliantly made the process student-centered with parental involvement rather than the reverse. He is a great listener, interested in finding the right environment where students will thrive and skillfully teasing out students’ passions, strengths, and areas of interest. Jeff has personally visited many colleges and therefore has firsthand knowledge about campuses and programs.

In areas where Jeff is not an expert, he has a large roster of specialist consultants on whom we can draw. For instance, our son was interested in visual arts and Jeff connected us with a wonderful specialist who recommended various art programs and gave our son direction to develop a compelling portfolio for his college application.

Jeff understands that college rankings matter but they are not everything and, therefore, will prioritize students’ interests, alerting them about fit, including positives and negatives, and helping to manage expectations and even the rejections that come with every successful process.”

college counseling
~ Parents of Sidwell Friends School Students ’20 and ‘18


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