Moxie College Counseling Helps You Pay Less for College!

Most middle and upper-middle income families are surprised to learn that with a little planning, they can significantly lower out-of-pocket college costs, maximize grants and scholarships, and minimize debt.

As a benefit to our valued clients, we’ve teamed up with SMARTTRACK® College Funding, the nation’s leader in developing strategic college funding plans, to assist you with the financial piece of college planning. Their licensed experts have helped over 400,000 families affordably reduce the cost of higher education, often by tens of thousands of dollars per year.

If you have a 9th-11th grader and you’re concerned that you won’t qualify for financial aid, haven’t saved enough, or don’t have an effective plan to cover the considerable costs of educating all your children, Moxie College Counseling and SMARTTRACK® can help.

Program includes:

Parent education webinars explain what you need to know to succeed in the college funding process – the crucial first step to lowering college costs.

One-on-one counseling with a professional Advisor to develop and implement a comprehensive, money-saving college funding strategy that covers all your children.

See which of your choice schools are likely to provide gift aid.

Don’t miss out on awards offered at your chosen schools.

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Suite of video tutorials, comprehensive question bank, and webinars to support you through every step of the financial aid application process.

Full access to SMARTTRACK® College Funding’s online platform of resources


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