Moxie Fund

To expand the community we serve, we offer our educational consulting services to students and families who might need financial assistance in their educational journey.

Scholarship Options

Our Moxie Sponsorship Program allows families to support exceptional students who they have noticed in their community. In addition, we maintain our Growing Together Fund for students who would like to apply for free counseling.

resources for college planning

Moxie sponsorships are simple. If someone identifies a student who would benefit from our services but who might not have the means to invest in educational planning, they can sponsor the student at a discounted rate and pay for that student themselves. To determine eligibility for this program, we require the following:

  • Proof of household income in the sponsored student’s home through at least one of three options:
    • A letter from a parent/guardian’s supervisor regarding their average income
    • A valid W2 form from the previous financial year
    • A tax summary from the previous financial year
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from a non-immediate family member adult in the sponsored student’s life
    (150-400 words)
  • One (1) short essay from the student in response to one of the following prompts (150-400 words)

Moxie’s Growing Together Fund is an ongoing project designed to bring opportunities to various students to ensure that all candidates can work with Moxie if they desire. Our mission is to collaborate with a diverse group of driven students, and the Growing Together Fund helps make that mission possible.

The Fund is a pool of money dedicated solely to students who apply for our counseling services and demonstrate financial need. It is not a non-profit. It is not a charity. Supporters receive no tax write-offs by donating to the Fund. However, they will receive satisfaction from helping a young person take another step toward their dream. As the Fund grows, so too will the number of students that we are able to support.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your role in the Growing Together Fund. We’re looking forward to expanding the breadth of our services through your generosity.


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