First-Year Transition Counseling

Transition Counseling is a service we provide to students from high school graduation through their first year of college to aid in their adjustment to a more independent lifestyle. In these meetings, our First-Year Transition Coach works with students to identify beneficial services and programs on their college campus based upon their unique needs. Moxie serves as a resource for students answering questions about their new adult responsibilities and supports them in developing practices that will set them up for success in college and beyond.

Getting to know your student and their needs, strengths, and goals is essential to creating a plan for a smooth transition to college. In this initial consultation, we get to know their aspirations and successes as well as their fears and anxieties toward college. This helps us to determine potential barriers and areas of concern to address over the summer and in their first few weeks of college.

College campuses have so many great resources that are under-utilized because students may not know about them or that they even need them. Too often students seek helpful resources after it’s too late. We work empower students to identify resources and gather contact information, making it easier for them to know how and when to find help.

As students take on new responsibilities as emerging adults, they may feel overwhelmed as they adjust to a new life away from home with new personal and academic expectations. We assist students with understanding their needs as newly-independent individuals and how to balance taking care of themselves with their academic priorities.

Twice per term, we check in with students to make sure they are following through on their commitments and optimizing their use of resources. We discuss their progress and evaluate which services they need to continue or if there is another service that would be a better fit. Students will also be challenged to step outside of what they know to try new experiences and boost their personal growth.

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Studies show that one of the most important factors in a college student’s success is developing relationships with mentors at the institution they attend. It can be easy to float through the semester without engaging with trusted advisors and professors, but Moxie works to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Being in a new environment away from friends and family can lead to students feeling alone and out of place. It is important to establish a sense of belonging on campus early. We help identify campus groups, clubs, and activities to get them connected to other students who share similar interests and values and to help them engage with the campus community.

In order to understand the world in which you live, you might start by trying to understand yourself. We help students to put in place a process for deliberate introspection. We want them to think about what they are going to do and why they are going to do it. This self-awareness, in our experience, is essential to reaching one’s goals.


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