College Consulting Services

We help each student and their family organize a strategic and customized plan. Then we help them execute it. We know clarity brings confidence, confidence inspires moxie, and moxie builds momentum. There’s a lot to think about, but we’ll break it down for you. Moxie College Counseling offers an all-inclusive array of college consulting services:

  • Colleges endeavor to understand the identity and background of every student as much as they work to understand their academic profile. Consequently, the college admissions process should be a particularly introspective experience. We cultivate self-reflection so that each student creates their own personal narrative, ideally starting early in high school. This personal narrative is integrated into almost every aspect of the college admissions process.
  • Using values assessments, skills inventory, writing exercises, and more, we help students establish a concrete understanding of who they are and who they aim to be. We inspire students to think deliberately about their identity, values, and goals and develop new insights about themselves.
  • There are a number of factors to consider when selecting high school courses. Together, we review the full scope of options through the high school years to understand the different academic pathways available to a student.
  • With our guidance, students create a plan that balances rigor and academic performance and enables them to build effective habits they can bring with them to college.
  • It’s not about how many activities a student is involved in. It’s about which ones and why. We help students understand the genuine meaning behind how they spend time outside of class.
  • Early in high school, we help students identify their areas of interest and find ways to explore them.
  • Later on, we encourage students to find ways to activate these interests so they contribute to their community, rise to the occasion when they’re called upon, and build depth in authentic passions.
  • We also help students plan summers to make the most of them and take advantage of opportunities not available during the school year.
  • Testing strategies often vary from college to college. We help students understand how to navigate various college testing policies, which are ever-changing.
  • We begin by determining which, if any, tests are right for each student.
  • Moxie then connects families with excellent test prep services based on individual strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • We then develop a standardized testing plan that works with the student’s schedule and sets them up for the best outcomes, including whether to apply test-optional and, if so, to which colleges.
college consulting services
  • Through our college consulting services, we educate families about the various college options that are out there – and there are a lot!
  • Based on the student’s interests and credentials, Moxie develops an initial college list which serves as a springboard for students and parents to begin exploring and whittling down options.
  • We explain in detail a student’s “admissibility” for each option on the college list so that, ultimately, the student is happy with all the possible outcomes.
  • In admissions, demonstrated interest means likelihood to enroll. Colleges work very hard to predict whether you will attend their institution if offered a spot in the incoming class.
  • Together, we discuss the importance of demonstrated interest, review which colleges value it most, and examine how to signal a student’s likelihood to enroll in ways colleges value most.
  • We optimize early decision and early action deadline strategies for best positioning.
  • We help students understand how institutional goals at a particular college align with the kind of student they hope to attract.
  • At Moxie, we know that every student has a compelling story that’s worth writing about. Students work with our Essay Specialists to understand the college essay genre, select compelling topics, and harness their authentic voice to make an effective impression through their personal statement and, if applicable, their supplementary essays.
  • Together, we map out a detailed timeline so students stay organized and have sufficient time to prepare, review, and submit the highest quality applications.
  • Over time, students are able to build enough genuine experiences that can fill a page. Our resume specialists help students craft compelling resumes worth including in their applications.
  • We show students how to effectively and confidently articulate their message in admissions interviews, whether in person or remotely.


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