Andrew Borneman

Andrew Borneman - Moxie College Counseling

Andrew Borneman

With 15 years of experience teaching in the classroom, Andrew Borneman currently continues his career in education at St. Paul’s School for Boys in Baltimore where he also works as a college counselor. As a college counselor at Moxie, he delights in guiding his students through both the writing and the college admissions process.

Andrew believes that, through proper guidance, he can help students arrive at their own decisions based on their own thorough research and reflection. He also believes the right “fit” for a student – considering factors such as academics, geographic location, athletics, social life, and cost – is a team decision, so his counseling extends not just to students but to parents as well. According to Andrew, you have to think big to do big and he encourages his students to hang tight to their aspirations while also staying realistic; it’s important that students do not underestimate their own potential as a great candidate. Andrew’s job doesn’t end when a student and their family finally place a deposit on the college of their choice. Getting ready for the transition to higher education is a complex endeavor that takes planning and thoughtful consideration both before and after a student first steps onto campus. Andrew knows that every student has a college home if they want it.

Already a published author, Andrew is currently pursuing his MFA in both fiction and non-fiction at Vermont College of Fine Arts. He previously received his B.A. from Grinnell College and his M.Ed. from Xavier University. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys reading about cults and conspiracy theories, writing novels, and lifting weights.


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