Dr. Xixi Rivera

Xixi Rivera

Dr. Xixi Rivera

Dr. Xiomara Rivera Pagán, around here, we call her “Xixi”, has spent over a decade in higher education, guiding students of diverse backgrounds through their academic careers. She credits her ability to successfully navigate diverse educational environments to her distinctive experience in public and private institutions. Often, what interferes with students’ success is not knowing how to navigate the process.

As a former professor at Hood College and Howard Community College, XiXi knows every student can effectively map out their approach and thrive in higher education. Her strength lies in helping students maximize their potential through an awareness of their personality, intelligence, and skill sets. By helping students recognize their unique abilities, they are better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that Moxie has to offer.

XiXi holds a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications from Towson University, a Master’s in Art of Education from Johns Hopkins University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Notre Dame of Maryland University. In addition to working in the school system, she is a co-founder and board member of Cultura Plenera, a non-profit committed to creating community spaces in which families and individuals can learn, promote, and participate in the traditional Puerto Rican musical styles of Bomba and Plena. She also serves on the Board of The 3rd, a non-profit organization committed to supporting Women of Color in pursuing entrepreneurship and creating community.


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