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Hina Fakhar Chaudhry

Hina is a highly motivated and dynamic individual, with a clear focus on her goals, ambitions, and determination to achieve excellence in her endeavors. With over 13 years of professional experience as an educationist, she possesses a hunger for learning and a drive for excellence. Hina completed her MBA from Lahore School of Economics in 2013 with a remarkable CGPA of 4.0 and was awarded a gold medal for her distinction.

She further enhanced her expertise in 2022 by completing a professional certification in Education Program Evaluation from Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies. Hina’s adaptability, ability to overcome challenges, and innate drive make her a valuable asset as a Project Manager at Moxie Counseling, where she takes charge of project management, assists with supplemental operations, manages blog posts, develops video resources, and supports weekly activities.

Beyond her role at Moxie Counseling, Hina is also a dedicated full-time administrator at Primrose School of Downtown Bethesda. Moreover, she holds the position of a certified MYP Personal Project Examiner at International Baccalaureate, showcasing her extensive experience and expertise in various educational roles, including Educational Planning Associate, MYP Coordinator, business management and project teacher for middle and high school, and project-based learning mentor for early years.

Hina’s passion for a balanced life is evident in her advocacy for work-life balance. Residing in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and son, she cherishes quality time spent with her family after work. On weekends and holidays, she indulges in exploring new places and seeking thrilling adventures. Her creative inclinations also manifest in activities such as shopping, event and party organizing, outfit designing, and interior décor.


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Hina Fakhar Chaudhry

Hina Fakhar Chaudhry


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