College Counselor and Success Coach

Yahellah Best

Yahellah’s passion is partnering with students to help them discover their voice and chart their path to fulfilling futures. With over a decade of experience in selective higher education institutions, she brings a wealth of insider knowledge to her role as a college admissions coach. Yahellah guides students in crafting authentic, compelling applications that highlight their unique strengths and aspirations.

She believes that authenticity is key – a blend of self-reflection, honesty, confidence, and even vulnerability. Yahellah’s goal is to empower students to express themselves genuinely, showcasing who they are and their potential contributions to a college community.

Yahellah understands that the college search is about finding the perfect fit. She helps students delve into their goals and values, strengthening their applications while pinpointing the schools that align with their ambitions.

Her career in higher education is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational, personal, and career goals. Yahellah believes that crafting a strong, honest application is a crucial first step in this lifelong journey.

As a Success Coach, Yahellah empowers students to thrive beyond high school, whether they pursue college, technical training, or greater independence. She guides them through personal growth, connects them with essential resources, and builds trust through genuine, supportive relationships.

In addition to her role with Moxie, Yahellah serves as an Associate Director of the Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Student Success. Her personal experience as a first-generation college student at Brown University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, fuels her passion for empowering students to pursue their dreams. She also holds a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Boston University and is currently pursuing a Master of Counseling at Johns Hopkins University.

Outside of work, Yahellah is a vibrant individual with a passion for dance (including experience in professional Cuban dance teams), cooking, travel, health and nutrition, advocacy, and experiencing new cultures.

Yahellah Best

Yahellah Best


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