College Counselor, International Education Specialist, and World Bank Liaison

Amy Fisher Bruey

Before becoming a college counselor with Moxie, Amy had a long career in international development and higher education – working with young leaders and activists around the globe to solve the most pressing issues of our time. Before these young leaders could go make their mark on the world, Amy helped them gain admission into colleges and universities around the United States. In doing so, she learned the intricacies of various programs and what made a “good” match. She also learned that there is no such thing as a wrong decision. Every decision provides another data point for learning and growth.

Making the world a better place has always been a part of Amy’s story and she won’t work anywhere where that can’t happen (yay Moxie!). She believes that the world needs each of us to tap into our unique strengths to make it go around. Her values of authenticity, equality, and fun play out as a college counselor as she works with young people to ensure they are making decisions that align with their priorities.

Amy has worked at various DC-based non-profits and with the federal government. She has a master’s degree in International Education from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Studies from John Carroll University. In addition, she is also a certified coach and master energy practitioner through IPEC. She sits on the board of the DC-based non-profit, Story District and has also served on advisory boards for Dagaeno School for Girls in Tanzania.

She lives in Washington, DC, where she is also a yoga teacher and mother of two small humans.

Amy Fisher Bruey of MoxCC

Amy Fisher Bruey


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