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April 2024

Understanding Common App Personal Statement Prompts


Many high school students choose to take AP (Advanced Placement) classes. These are rigorous courses that allow them to earn college credit and perhaps skip some general course requirements in college. AP courses are offered in a variety of subjects—including English, science, social studies, math, computer science and a number of foreign languages.

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December 2023

Admission Notifications


This time of year, high school seniors who applied to colleges by early deadlines have just received admissions notifications. We are of course thrilled for those students who have already been admitted, and we are equally excited for those who await further admissions updates. Whether you're eagerly anticipating responses or considering your next steps, we remind you that it isn’t over ‘till it’s over and that Moxie is here to guide you through the next stage of your journey.

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What High School Seniors Should Do Over the Holidays – Part 2


Part 2: What To Do Over Christmas Break As Christmas break approaches, most high school students are excited to be getting a break from grueling schedules filled with classwork, homework, sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. With just one more semester of high school left, senioritis is becoming a real battle for many seniors, making it more and more difficult to concentrate. The temptation to put things off runs high this time of the year. But there is still a great deal to be done before graduation day, and many things can (and should) be accomplished over Christmas break. Here are some ideas to help you navigate the holidays efficiently, while having some fun in the process.

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What High School Seniors Should Do Over the Holidays – Part 1


Part 1: What to do from Thanksgiving to Christmas Although it’s hard to believe, the holiday season is already upon us. That means most of us will be busier than ever—including high school students. This is especially true for college-bound students, as there is plenty left to be done before graduation. Prioritizing tasks to complete is of utmost importance during this hectic time. Here is a list of ideas for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks (to be followed mid-month by another blog focusing on Christmas break alone.)

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November 2023

What to do after applying to college?


For many high school seniors, this can be a very stressful time of year. With some of the biggest college application deadlines being in November, many students are scrambling in order to meet deadlines for multiple schools. But once that submit button is hit, you can take a deep breath. You have completed the work that needs to be done—you’ve built a good list of colleges you’d like to attend, you’ve written great essays, and you’ve completed all the pieces required thus far for each application. But there are still things you need to consider while waiting for an admission decision to be released.

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October 2023

Private and Boarding Schools – Preparing Your Child for the Best Experience


As the leaves change and a new season approaches, so does the opportunity for parents to guide their children toward an exciting educational journey. Whether you're considering private or boarding schools, here are some essential steps to help you confidently navigate the admissions season.

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Weighing the Importance of College Essays


With the college admission season in full swing, high school seniors are scrambling to complete the Common App and apply to the colleges of their choice. These applications include information about grades, standardized test scores and extracurricular activities—all critical in assessing a student’s eligibility for admission. But what about the college essay? How much does it influence the application decision?

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August 2023

Go Greek! Joining Greek Life


As the summer heats up, rising first year college students often are inundated with lots of emails, social media, and other communications from their chosen colleges. One piece of those communications is likely regarding their commitment to student involvement, as it has been proven that “college engagement not only leads to higher retention and graduation rates, but to greater worker engagement and over all well-being post-graduation”.

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