milestone counselingHere at Moxie, we’ve always been fascinated by words. The power they carry, their multiple meanings, and the way that we, as humans, interact with the words that we create. For this reason, we’ve developed a new piece of terminology to define our counseling services.

“Milestone and Self-Scheduled” Counseling

Whereas before we promised “scheduled and on-demand” counseling in our packages, we’re now offering the same services, but they are defined by “Milestone and Self-Scheduled” Counseling instead of the aforementioned phrase. “Scheduled and on-demand” are terms that are too general to accurately describe what we do. They also don’t carry enough weight to back up the hard work that our team does to make sure that each and every one of our clients has no regrets about their college admissions process. What’s more, they’re misleading.  Specifically, the “on-demand” part.

On Demand

In today’s day and age, we think of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu when we hear “on-demand.” We think right away, at our fingertips, no questions asked, and while our educational counselors are here for you around the clock for a quick phone call or email check-in, we’ve worked hard to fill our schedules and probably will not have time for a full hour-long meeting at the drop of a hat. That being said, there is almost always availability within the week when you schedule in advance, and that is why the Self-Scheduled portion of our new terminology is so important.

Empowering Our Counseling Clients

By using the term “Self-Scheduled,” we want to assure and empower clients with the opportunity to put themselves on their counselor’s schedule as many times as they would like throughout their experience. No pesky hours limits, no strings attached. When you work with Moxie, you’re purchasing a positive, organized, and driven college admissions experience. With our self-scheduled counseling services, you have the opportunity to customize that experience to meet your individual needs. 

What About Scheduling Important Checkpoints?

“But then,” most parents ask, “will we have to know when to schedule ourselves for important checkpoints in the process? My 17-year-old is not necessarily going to know how to get things done in order to put themselves on the right track.” 

Never fear! The power of Milestone Counseling will now come into play. In addition to all self-scheduled meetings, our counselors have committed to monitoring all of their clients’ school schedules and reaching out individually to each family when it’s time to come in for an important meeting regarding essential milestones in their college process. Some examples of these milestone moments are course selection time, summer planning sessions, and, of course, reviewing the Common App during a student’s senior year.

What is Milestone Counseling?

Now, you’re probably thinking: “What does changing a few words have to do with providing a valuable service to folks in need?” It’s a valid question. However, Milestone Counseling is not just a series of words. It’s a promise to each and every one of our clients that they will be taken care of along their journey toward educational fulfillment. 

Picture every Moxie student walking down their own road. Sometimes these individual paths can seem long and desolate, stretching out for miles ahead without respite. However, our milestone promise sets waystations in place where they can rest and plan their journey before setting off once more, the power of confidence lifting their feet, delighting in the simple rhythm of putting one in front of the other.  

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