college applications beyond normative deadlinesCollege Applications Beyond Normative Deadlines

Every year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) maintains a listing of postsecondary institutions that accept college applications for prospective students beyond normative deadlines. The list itself is updated daily and is intended to be a tool for counselors, parents, and other folks supporting students throughout the application process.

A Powerful Asset

It can be a powerful asset in making sure that everyone who has a desire to apply for college admission will have the opportunity to do so, despite missing the cutoff point by which most U.S. universities abide.

The list can be found here and can be queried in a variety of helpful ways. You can pair down the list of institutions based on the college’s state, country, existing criteria for admission (either freshman or transfer), financial aid policy, housing options, and application response times. This way, the majority of folks who are still in the market to apply for freshman or transfer admission at this late stage in the process can find an institution that is right for them.

College Applications and Flexibility

Now, if we’re thinking generally amidst the grand scheme of options in college admissions, it is true that the choices on this list are limited. However, when we consider the fact that so many four-year institutions in the United States set their regular application deadline in December or January, NACAC’s annual listing is reframed in a light that is both expansive and quite helpful. Not only does this resource benefit folks who are just a bit late to the game, it also presents flexibility for people who have decided that they would like to attend college or transfer from their current institution of higher learning after standard deadlines have passed.

Here at Moxie, we encourage everyone who has a dream of going to college to pursue that dream regardless of the obstacles ahead of them because everyone deserves the right to a sound education. NACAC’s tool helps us extend this mission even further now that we are able to counsel students beyond traditional time windows.

Don’t Be Discouraged

That being said, as helpful as this list is, it can also be overwhelming to look at. Even this late on the annual college admissions timeline (as of April 5, 2022), there are 217 schools on the list. Of those schools, 212 are accepting incoming freshmen, and 214 are accepting transfers. Many are international schools, spanning the globe from the United Kingdom to Japan, and 209 have options for financial aid scholarships, many of which come along with applications of their own. The choices implicit in having this number of variables from which to choose can be confusing or even discouraging to potential applicants.

Demystifying College Applications

That’s why the educational counselors at Moxie do what they do. We wake up every day with the goal of demystifying the college process for our clients. Get in touch with us to schedule to time to chat and see what a custom college roadmap could look like for you and your student.